Our Psychologists

Annemarie LambeAnnemarie Lambe, Clinical Psychologist
M.A.(Psych), MAPS
Annemarie is the principal psychologist and owner of the Barrenjoey Psychology practice. She has extensive experience in working with both adults and children. She trained in New Zealand and then completed further postgraduate studies in adult psychopathology and assessment at James Cook University in 2011.
Annemarie is a creative therapist and she continues to be interested in the mind’s working and how thinking and behaviour affects our emotional states. She completed advanced training in Mindfulness integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (MiCBT) in 2005 and she enjoys helping people develop life skills using mindfulness training. This is very successful in working with patients with mood disorders, chronic pain, health anxiety and somatic conditions. She has an interest in working with people who have been affected by trauma through injury or childhood. She has extensive training in  other models of therapy such as interpersonal psychotherapy, schema therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy that are tailored to people’s presenting problems. Her vision has been to develop a psychology practice and Trauma centre on the northern beaches with like-minded professionals who have the relevant clinical skills and experience.

Kristiina Jacobs, Barrenjoey PsychologyKristiina Jacobs, Psychologist
M.A. (Clin Psych), MAPS
Kristiina is a highly experienced psychologist skilled in MiCBT, CBT, ACT and Coaching Psychology with an interest in treating young adults with depression and anxiety, mothers suffering from depression, adults in mid-life transition and relationship counselling. She is a very gentle and compassionate therapist who uses a range of acceptance and mindfulness based approaches. Kristiina is an associate of Benestar and provides employee assistance counselling for eligible organisations. She is an Access plus provider for Primary and Community Care Services  and can see patients who are referred by their GP to this program.

Kelvin Chambers, Psychologist
B Soc Sci GDip Psyc Ass MAPS
Kelvin is an experienced psychologist with extensive skills working with clients from a range of culturally diverse backgrounds. Kelvin has used this experience to modify a number of evidence-based therapies to fit more sensitively with their unique needs.
Other areas of his expertise include working with men on a range of mental health issues including alcohol and substance abuse and Asperger’s disorder.

He also works with adults and children on the Autism Spectrum and is trained in using ADI-R diagnostic testing.


Lisa Dyer, Psychologist BPsych MPsych
Lisa’s career spans organisational and clinical psychology and management consulting, bringing an eclectic style, focused on practical strategies that affect real world concerns. As an expert problem solver and a powerfully compassionate counsellor, her style is warm and engaging, targeting client outcomes with flexibility. Her areas of special interest include anxiety, depression, stress, women’s issues and parenting.  With a family of her own, Lisa understands the challenges inherent in creating healthy minds and priorities for individuals and organisations.

Lisa uses modern evidence based therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness training, gottman marriage therapy and values based work.  She also provides employee assistance program support for eligible organisations. She offers a strengths-oriented therapy that treats symptoms, empowers her clients and improves their overall well-being.