Fees, Rebates & Information for Patients

Do I need a doctors referral?
No, a doctors referral is only required if you want to claim Medicare or other rebates.

What are your fees and are there any rebates I can claim?
The fee for your first session will range from $150 to $210 with possible rebates being available. Your psychologist will inform you of the number of sessions required for your treatment, the costs of these and any gap fees that are payable after rebates.

Can I obtain a fee rebate from Medicare?
Yes, our practitioners are all registered Medicare and Access Plus providers.
– Medicare rebates are $124.50 for a Clinical Psychologist & $84.80 for a Psychologist
– Primary Community Cares Services (PCCS) Access Plus and Suicide Prevention Programs may be available

Before your first session with a Psychologist to obtain a medicare rebate you will need to see a GP and have a Mental Health Plan completed. Please bring a copy of your doctor’s referral letter and this Mental Health Plan to your first appointment for these rebates. Some Psychologists will be able to process your Medicare claims after the session so bring your Medicare card and an EFTPOS card for payments if you would like this done.

Can I claim these fees through my private health fund?

Yes. we advise you to contact your health fund and ask what rebates you are entitled to.

What if I am off work as a result of a work related injury? Will my workplace pay?

The fees may also be fully covered by Worker’s Compensation insurers or Compulsory Third Party (CTP) in the case of third party motor vehicle accident claims. It is advisable to phone the Clinic prior to your first appointment and have the psychologist contact your insurer with your consent to confirm treatment is covered by your insurance.

How may sessions will I need?

Most people do not need a large number of consultations.  The average is 6-8 sessions.  Generally the change process is begun in the first session and clients often see improvements after the third or fourth session. Sessions may include discussion, education, testing, skills training such as mindfulness and communication training and experiential processes.  Patients are often asked to complete homework tasks between sessions.

What if I need to cancel an appointment?
If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment we prefer 48 hours notice but a minimum of 24 hours is required otherwise a full cancellation fee will be charged. This time has been set aside by the Psychologist to see you and other people are waiting for appointments with Barrenjoey Psychology. Our reception team are available during business hours to reschedule any appointments for you. If you fail to attend an appointment the full fee will apply and this will not be able to be claimed from Medicare.