About Barrenjoey Psychology

Barrenjoey Psychology is located in a new suite of offices in the Quattro building in Warriewood on Sydney’s northern beaches. We have a team of caring, well qualified and very experienced clinicians to help you with a broad range of issues.

Our Philosophy
Our practice philosophy is to work with you to identify your strengths and help provide you with tools to manage issues in your life. The goal is for these strategies to be integrated into your way of life after treatment has finished allowing you to maintain mental well-being and prevent relapse.

We offer assessment, counseling and treatment for men, women, children and adolescents with psychological and physical health issues affecting areas of their daily life such as health, work and relationships. There is overwhelming evidence that a few sessions of strengths based treatment with one of our Psychologists can be extremely effective at improving a person’s mental and physical well-being.

What is evidence based psychological treatment?
There is a science to what we do. The research shows what therapy helps people make changes and what is less effective. Evidence based treatments are models of therapy that are supported by research i.e. research trials that provide us with scientific evidence that they are effective for the treatment of certain presenting problems.

Our Psychologists are trained in the use of a range of different psychological treatments. We will use our clinical knowledge, our experience and details gathered in this initial interview to find what will be the most effective type of therapy for you. This may include:

These are solution focused treatments that have a sound evidence base and the psychologists at Barrenjoey Psychology have clinical training in the application of these therapies.

Who can benefit from a psychological consultation?
Anyone who is suffering from distress or major disruptions in their lives can benefit from a consultation with a psychologist. People do not always have to have a psychological disorder to benefit from seeing a psychologist. We can help if you want to improve your well being and develop life skills that may assist you to attain personal goals or communicate better with those important people in your life.

Can therapy help couples and families?
Some of the psychologists at Barrenjoey Psychology work with couples, many of whom find it extremely helpful to work with a psychologist on their problem areas. The psychologist you work with will have many years of clinical experience working with couples and they combine this with specialist couple-therapy training. An investment in your relationship can be extremely rewarding and long lasting.

Some psychologists at Barrenjoey Psychology have clinical experience and training working with both young adults and children. When working with young children we achieve the best outcomes when we are also able to include some appointments with a child’s parents.

Appointments will be made with your psychologist either individually or as a couple or family depending on the difficulties being experienced.

Do organizations benefit from providing counselling for their workers?
Over the last 15 years psychologists from Barrenjoey Psychology have provided solution-focused employee assistance counselling for a broad range of organizations in both the public and private sectors. Promoting a sense of well-being in your staff and access to short term counselling can greatly reduce absences, staff conflict and staff turnover.